Apex Legends – Voidwalker Update


The Voidwalker event is the second special update to the battle royale in as many months, following on from Iron Crown Collection, which dropped on August 13.

According to developers Respawn Entertainment, Voidwalker will delve into the “mysterious past” of Wraith, a character who is able to transport herself and enemies through portals. With the event about to kick off, here’s everything you can expect to see when the action begins.

Apex Legends Voidwalker release date

Apex Legends fans won’t have long to wait before they can take part in the new Voidwalker event – it’s set to start on Tuesday, September 3, and will run until Tuesday, September 17.

Respawn have yet to confirm if the event will require an update to be downloaded, but based on Iron Crown Collection, players can expect a new patch to release in order to add the new items and modes to the game.

Armed and Dangerous LTM

A new limited-time mode called Armed and Dangerous is being included with this event that will only feature snipers and shotguns, meaning players will really need to be on point with their aiming to succeed.

Voidwalker Lore trailer

As Apex Legends doesn’t have a campaign component to match its battle royale, fans are left scraping through the slow drip of lore that Respawn releases to come up with some theories about a legend’s backstory.

So, it helps when the developers drop a new video revolving around one. With this Voidwalker event being centered on Wraith, Respawn have delved into her background, even going as far as hinting at her linking up with the unreleased Crypto character.

What Crypto has to do with this event remains unknown, but it absolutely appears as if he is attached to Wraith in someway.

Lower priced cosmetics

Respawn listened to the backlash of the monetization of the Iron Crown event and have fixed that for Voidwalker. Players will be able to purchase cosmetics for $5 outside of the legendary skin and frame so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank for this one.

There will also be two sets of exclusive cosmetics throughout the event, with the first – including a weapon camo for the RE-45 and skins for Lifeline and Gibraltar – only available during week one, while a Prowler camo, and a new outfit for Bangalore will be released during week two.

Item Shop schedule for Voidwalker event.

Event challenges

With this event, there are numerous challenges that players can complete which will earn exclusive skins and Wraith-themed cosmetics.

These challenges and rewards will just be active during Voidwalker, so if you want to earn all the items you’ll need to make sure you complete them before September 17 when the event ends.

Voidwalker challenges.

Double XP weekend

Players who play from September 6 at 10am PT to September 9 at 10am PT will earn double XP for every top five finish and victory which affects both Account Level and Battle Pass progression.

This will be a perfect opportunity to dive into the event and earn some experience while you’re at it.

You can read Respawn’s full post on the event here.

Complete September 3 patch notes



A mysterious research site has been unearthed in Kings Canyon that was used as part of Project: Wraith, including a functioning prototype portal.

  •  Double XP for Top 5 and Wins Weekend
    • From 10:00 a.m. PT on September 6 to 10:00 a.m. PT on September 9, players will earn double XP for Top 5 finishes and wins.  This bonus will affect both Account Level and Battle Pass progression.
  •  Limited-Time Mode – Armed and Dangerous
    • Shotguns and Snipers only
      • Enabled Guns: Mozambique, Peacekeeper, EVA-8, Longbow, G7, Triple Take
    • Attachments not used by Snipers or Shotguns are disabled
    • Gold variants of weapons spawn in High Tier loot zones and in airdrops
    • Kraber and Mastiff loot values are tuned so they spawn in late-game airdrops and very rarely as ground loot (1-2 per game each)
    • Reduced Armor
      • Disabled Loot: Armor (Blue/Purple/Gold), Helmets (Blue/Purple/Gold)
      • Spawn rate for Common Armor and Helmets is reduced.
    • Ground Loot Drop Chances are reduced by 45% (Supply Bins are not affected by this)
    • Bullet Counts and Stacks are modified
      • Light Rounds: 16 per drop, 32 per inventory slot
      • Energy Rounds: 16 per drop, 32 per inventory slot
      • Heavy Rounds: 7 per drop, 14 per inventory slot
      • Shotgun Rounds: 7 per drop, 28 per inventory slot
    • Overall, loot density is reduced, but ammo/weapon spawn rates are increased and stack sizes are increased to offset the loot scarcity and allow players to have enough ammo to not discourage combat.
    • Increased spawn rates for syringes to compensate for lower loot density.
    • Reduced spawn rates for shield batteries to match rarity of armor.


  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a player’s reward would not display properly after completing a challenge that awards crafting metals.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players would see a different rare skin equipped to the Legend they are spectating when hanging from a ledge.
  • Fixed some issues related to script errors.
  • [Xbox] Fixed issue where sometimes players would have issues connecting to a match at the same time as their party forcing them to join Legend Select late with Legends already locked.
  • [PS4] code fixes to address crashes related to out of memory issues.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players would still be in an out of bounds state when they are not actually out of bounds.


  • New Promo Window – A new feature we’ve added to the Lobby that will display offers and info and allows for direct navigation to the website or store.
  • Added Auto Sprint feature to all platforms that can be turned on or off. This is disabled by default and can be changed in the Settings menu.
  • Players can now adjust Aim Down Sight look sensitivity per optic zoom level.
  • Visual improvements to Legends in the Lobby and Character Select screen
    • Increased overall brightness.
    • Softer/lighter shadows.
    • Improved reflections on hard surfaces.
    • Improved detail and contrast to textures.
  • Added UI to the Spectator View that lets players easily tell if they are spectating a squadmate or enemy.
  • Added setting to disable weapon auto switching when ammo runs out.


  • Increased projectile width for the TripleTake
  • SMG weapons are no longer compatible with the 3x HCOG and 2x-4x variable ACOG scopes.
    • Note from design: Our goal with this change is to better define weapon archetypes and improve the looting experience so that players aren’t accidentally picking up a long range site for a close range weapon that they have to manually remove.



  • Wattson will now have low profile attributes [takes %5 more damage to base health]
  • Reduced the maximum number of Interceptor Pylons that can be active to 1.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to cancel the start up animation for their ultimate when activated while using a zipline.


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